1994 Aero Seatpost 27.0 ~ Velo Vecchia

1994 Aero Seatpost 27.0

Here is a 1994 Kalin alloy seatpost, with the classic aero styling from the 80s and 90s that we no longer see. It replicates the classic stylings of the C-Record posts of the same era, also copied by Shimano for the Dura Ace and 600 seatposts of the same vintage.

This seatpost still retains its original shine. I have not polished it at all. Even the seat clamps are factory polished. Not even Campagnolo did that!

A buff with some Autosol will make this post absolutely gleam.

There are some small markings on the insertion part of the post, as is to be expected on a post this old, but it is remarkaby clean and tidy overall.

Size is 27.0 mm. Can be made compatible with any 27.2mm frame with a shim made from an aluminium can. This will in fact protect the post from insertion scratches or further wear and tear.

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